Call Me Tomorrow

The Pig Wood team is out here in Arizona filming and shooting photos and squeezing in a couple of demos along the way. After a couple days of skating spots around Tempe/Scottsdale/Phoenix (and their amazing skateparks) the crew headed a couple hours north to the little town of Sedona nestled among the famous Red Rocks to do a demo for a shop called Sanctuary. The shop’s owner, Jordan, is a champ. He booked us a couple rooms right down the street from his shop and straight away took us to his buddy’s bar and let us drink on the house. Now that’s how you welcome skateboarders.

Now is about the time where you should be informed that the phrase, “Call me tomorrow!” has been in heavy rotation among our crew and can be used anytime you’re stoked on something, over something, or when someone lands a banger. Here are a few examples: “As soon as I find a Circle K with Overloads and chocolate milk, call me tomorrow!” Or, “Oh, you’re going to a 20-stair rail? Yeah, call me tomorrow.” Get it? Good.

The next day, the same bar/restaurant catered the autograph signing. That’s right, before the boys even had to skate we were feasting on ziti, sausage and peppers, stromboli, and of course pizza. There was a long line of kids wanting to get autographs, but they were all very polite and patient. Some local trim even showed up and bared their mammaries for the delicate touch of Sharpie pen felt tips. Ah, to be young and dumb.

The demo took place later in the day at a skatepark right in front of the Red Rocks. It was hard to pay attention to the skating with such amazing scenery. We don’t have this shit in San Diego. After an hour or so of skating, Jordan informed us he had a keg on ice at his house waiting for us, and his wife is picking up BBQ supplies at the store. No other encouraging words were needed as the product toss was handled, officially signaling the end of the demo. Back at Jordan’s, burgers, brats, salmon, and swordfish were grilled as a crowd of about 20 of us had a nut brown keg all to ourselves. Did I mention he also had a mini-ramp and a jacuzzi? Yeah, he did. Even Arizona legend Randy Colvin who was skating the park came over to the party. We soon peaced out and drove back down to Phoenix with the cool mountain air breezing through the van while Corey Duffel DJ’ed his rare punk tunes on the iPod.

Stay tuned for more updates from the road, check the slideshow for more pics.

Call me tomorrow!

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