Can’t Stop The Firm

Okay, the most anticipated thing in this video is Bob Burnquist’s loop attempt at the infamous Baldy pipe in California. You find yourself looking on disbelief. “He didn’t just try that,” you may think to yourself. “They must have used some Hollywood trick cameras or something.” But one thing you have to keep in mind is that this is Bob Burnquist, and he’s made the impossible possible on multiple occasions. Does riding through the loop in his backyard switch ring any bells? Well, Bob really did try the loop at Baldy and came super close. I know that doesn’t count by most people’s standards, but it was a hell of an attempt.

With Bob’s Baldy loop madness opening the video, you have to wonder what else is included in The Firm’s third video, Can’t Stop. The funny thing about The Firm is that it probably has one of the best teams assembled in skateboarding right now, and it’s equally one of the most overlooked—proof of this team’s skills are locked inside the confines of this videotape.

Under the creative control of Lance Mountain, Can’t Stop has the feel of the Godfather with the interludes filmed in the style of a 20s silent mob film. Truly original.

Now that the scene has been set, the Finn Jani Laitiala starts off the team segments with a lengthy, solid part. Why haven’t we seen more magazine coverage of this kid? His part was full of bangers that need to be rewinded more than a few times. Jani’s section leads into a dream sequence with Lance Mountain skating in his house—every skater’s dream. But Lance makes this a reality, and it wouldn’t be a Lance segment without a little humor, either.

The all-star Firm squad is full of internationals, and Spaniard Javier Sarmiento has the next part. Joining The Firm sometime last year, Javier has been pretty busy in his homeland filming for Can’t Stop. He’s got the kind of skill and style that makes you think you can go outside after watching him skate and reproduce his tricks—he makes skating look so effortless. Javier passes the torch to “The Grind”—a 100-yard 50-50 by Matt Beach that looks pretty fun. Matt, where’s that rail?

Who are the Upstarts? They’re the am squad on The Firm. You might’ve heard of them—John White, Wieger Van Wageningen, Wagnor Ramos, Mike Chin, and Jared Herman. Their part was long enough to have a video of their own. Solid skating by the young guns. Be on the lookout for more coverage of all those guys.

After the Upstarts ignite the screen, Ray Barbee’s name comes on the screen and instantly brings a smile. He skates so smoothly. One thing you can’t help but notice is the guy is always grinning ear to ear. His music is featured for his part as well. If you haven’t heard much of Ray’s music, check out

Ray’s part leads right into Lance skating at the Combi pool at the Vans skatepark in Orange, California. The lighting is dramatic and highlights the vert skating by Mr. Mountain. It looks like 16mm film was used for this section. This part goes beyond skateboarding and can be appreciated as great filmmaking. This must be the touch of Jon Humphries, who played a major role in producing this video. Nice work.

Matt Beach has the next part, and it’s full of good skating. Mostly filmed in spots not familiar to the Southern California eye, Matt rips all terrain—street or transition. Matt’s the kind of guy you don’t see very often in magazines, but after witnessing his part you can tell he’s been skating whether the shutters are snapping or not.

Next up is Rodrigo part number one. Part number one? In today’s skateboard world, most skaters would chill after a good video part. Not Rodrigo. Rodrigo was introduced to the world with his amazing éS Menikmati part in 2001. Rodrigo hasn’t stopped since and produced two segments worthy of two video parts. Sandwiched between Rodrigo is the most innovative vert skater of all time, Bob Burnquist.

Bob boughtt some land out in North County San Diego and built an amazing vert ramp including the over-vert capsuled end. He skates the darn thing like it’s a four-foot mini ramp. How did he gain so much skill on a skateboard? Maybe we should all go and experience life in Brazil. I think there’s something in the air down there that makes you skate better than everyone else.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see The Firm’s lastest offering, Can’t Stop, do yourself a favor and pick it up. This is the kind of video that transcends time and will be enjoyable to watch for years to come.