Caswell Kills Tampa

Anyone who made the trek to the Skatepark of Tampa this year had the privilege to witness some underground rippers before they’re gonna blow up.


The two skaters who were the talk of the Town had to be Milwaukee destroyer Greg Lutzka and Brazilian lil’ ripper Danny Cerezini. Remember these names because these kids are amazing. “The Lutzka” killed the course all weekend with fast powerful lines including gaps to back lip and some of the best frontside half cab flips over the pyramid anyone’s ever seen. He was a standout champ and tried the hardest tricks his whole run (none of those safety lines), but he missed one trick so he didn’t take home the title. But let’s talk about the new Flip kid Danny Cerezini. All I can say is look out cause all weekend he threw down kickflip crooked grinds and crooked grind transfers no problem. He left everyone wondering, “Where does Flip find these rippers?” But when the smoke cleared Caswell Berry was number one, and he definitely earned it. His flawless run which included ollieing over the pyramid to feeble, back Smiths down the tall rail, and a frontside feebles down the other tall rail just couldn’t be beat. But don’t believe me, just check the video.

Tampa Am Final Results
1. Caswell Berry
2. Danny Cerezini
3. Austin Seaholm
4. Greg Lutzka
5. Jared Brantingham
6. Kevin “Spanky” Long
7. Ryan Sheckler
8. Danny Morin
9. Zared Basset
10. Dylan Reider
11. Stefan Janoski
12. Sven Kilchenmann
13. P.J. Ladd