Catching Up With Terell Robinson

Terell Robinson has been off the radar for a minute. He popped up earlier this year at the Tampa Pro contest and immediately piqued the interests of the judges. Everyone was stoked to see him, and even happier to know that he’s been skating this whole time. On a rainy afternoon recently, we got Terell on the phone to see where he’s been, why his main sponsorships ended, and who he’s skating with on the daily.

Photos by Herman Jimenez Words by Blair Alley five-o950


Where you at right now, you up in L.A.?

Yeah, I’m up in North Hollywood, NoHo.

Is it raining up there?

Yeah, it’s wet. We’re gonna go to Paul [Rodriguez]’s tonight and get some shredding done.

Have you been skating there a lot?

Yeah, well they’ve been rebuilding some stuff in there.

Who’s on the nightly sessions there?

Torey [Pudwill], me, Paul sometimes, Carlos [Zarazua], Hermie [Jimenez]. There’ll be a bunch of us in there chillin’ out, skating. We film some funny shit sometimes.

You guys gonna put that footage out on a Web site?

Hopefully, when we get it all shaped up and edited.

Have you been skating this whole time you’ve been out of the limelight?

Yeah, I’ve been under Mikemo’s wing. Staying at his house, going shredding with him and his brother--Mikey Taylor and all those cats up there in the Simi Valley scene.

Are there a lot of people staying at Mikemo’s house? Because weren’t Elijah Berle and David Loy staying there too?

Yeah, Mikemo and I just had that conversation. He was saying he never has time to just be by himself. He’s not complaining though. One batch leaves and another batch comes to stay. He loves it.

Is that Mikemo’s place with his parents, or does he have his own place?

He’s got his own legit house. It’s like a mansion, it’s so sick.

Is it up in the Valley?

Yeah, it’s up in Simi.

Damn, Valley dudes are just Valley for life, huh?

Yeah, take it to the grave son [laughs].

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Do you like the Valley life?

Yeah, you know my hometown is Compton, but it’s better than hearing sirens every night you know?


Backside flip.

So how did all the sponsors fizzle out? Did you quit? Did they drop you?

Some dropped me, some I didn’t even get a phonecall back, and some you know, they couldn’t do anything for me because of the recession. I understood that part. I didn’t take it in a bad way. It was just something that had to go down. Hopefully I get blessed in the near future. It wasn’t nothing bad, it was just the recession.

You skated Tampa Pro this year, are you going to be skating more contests in 2011?

Yeah hopefully I get to go this year but I don’t really have anything backing me to go out there. If anything, I’ll just hustle my own money and shoot myself out there.

Do you have anybody giving you product right now?

Yeah, Lakai is hooking me up thanks to Mikemo, Birdhouse is hooking me up thanks to David Loy. I still get stuff from Destructo, FDK, I’m still doing all that stuff.

Have you been filming and shooting photos a lot? I saw a lot of photos from Herman.

Oh yeah, that’s why I’ve been going out with Mikemo and Vince a lot. I’m trying to put some footage out there.

How are you gonna put it out?

I just wanna stack up right now and then just throw it to the wall, whatever Vince wants to do with it. Shoot it out on

Is there any particular board company you’d want to ride for?

I love Birdhouse, but I love Deathwish. You know Ellington, Antwuan, Greco--I grew up looking at them. Well, Antwuan’s my age.

How old are you?


What else have you been doing when you’re not skating?

Taking care of my little one and hanging out with my friends, I have a little daughter, she’s fifteen months. That’s about it.

Your name comes up pretty often and people always wonder where you went.

That was another thing, rumors. There were rumors that I quit skating because I had a child, and that I completely quit skateboarding. That wasn’t the case. I almost lost a couple of family members, so I had to be with my family. I wasn’t filming as much, but I never stopped skateboarding.

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The guys at Skatepark Of Tampa were stoked to see you at the contest, but they were surprised for sure.

They were super hyped. I saw all those cats down there. They looked like they saw Terell rise out of the grave or something, “I’m here!” [laughs].


360 flip.

Have you been experimenting with any crazy hairstyles lately?

Nah, I’ve been keeping it simple. I have a little baby ‘fro right now. I’m thinking about growing it back out, not as long as I used to have it, but something casual.

Didn’t you have some crazy fast crotch-rocket motorcycle?

Oh yeah, I had a R6. Somebody scared me with the truth. If you haven’t fallen, your time is coming. Once I heard that, I was like, I gotta keep skating. I’d rather have a Harley anyway.

Do you have your Mustang? Or was it a Camaro?

I had a Mustang, I got rid of it. I still have my Camaro. It’s in the making right now. It’s a ’97, the 30th anniversary. I still got my beast.

That’s all I got for you.

Well, I’m happy and psyched that you guys gave me this opportunity again.

Our pleasure.