Check In: Richie Jackson

In our October International Issue, we launched a new column Check In, and who better to kick it off than with the flamboyant star of And Now who’s been laying low in Australia, Richie Jackson. He’s back in the States and unleashing unheard of tricks like this firecracker to kickflip. Check out the footage and the full-length interview we didn’t have room for in print below.


How long have you been out of the spotlight for? A couple years?

Well, I was in Australia for a year this last time, sorting out all the paperwork and everything. I finally moved over here, to L.A., permanently. I’m living in Santa Monica.

You like it over there better than the Hollywood scene?

I just like all of L.A. really. Stoked to be here.

Are you gonna be more in the eye of the American media now that you’re back?

There’s gonna be lots more stuff. [Laughs] I’m back.

What was it like going from the whirlwind year here, being in our video and mag, then going back to Australia? Have you been in the Aussie mags this whole time and we just haven’t seen it?

Well, no I haven’t really. Australia’s great, but it’s a different thing. There’s no particular push for me to be in the spotlight when I’m there because it’s not that kind of place. It has other great things about it, but that’s for [the U.S.] I feel.

How’d you come up with the idea to kickflip out of a firecracker?

In the shower actually. My brain is always synthesizing new ideas and always trying to put square pegs in round holes and I was just standing in the shower and saw it in my mind’s eye. I figured that it might be possible so I set about trying it and it and it turned out that it was.

Was it as difficult or as easy as it was in your mind’s eye?

I think that every trick is difficult and every trick is strange if you really get down to it. Like a 360 flip is a total abstraction, it doesn’t make sense if you look at it on paper. But through repetition you start to perceive it as something not only possible, but normal. Look at grinding a handrail-that makes absolutely no sense. It’s the strangest thing, but because it’s done so often, we get used to it. So it was the same with learning this trick, as long as I try it a whole bunch, sooner or later, it’s just going to make sense to me. Same with anything. All tricks are abstractions, all tricks are strange.

People are wondering how you did it. Did you have to stop on that step?

I will reveal no secrets past this point.

Was it filmed?

Yes, if you want to see it, go to That’s my new clothing line that we just launched with Flower Children. We have a YouTube channel as well.

What’s your plan in the immediate future? Who are you skating for and what projects are you working on?

I skate for Death and Flower Children right now and just doing my thing, skating a lot.

When’s the soonest we’ll see a new Richie Jackson part?

Hard to say, but there will be new stuff soon. There’s new stuff coming, there’s new stuff right now-this stuff. I’ve got a lot of good new ideas that I’m going out and filming. I spend a lot of time thinking of new stuff to do.

Did your time in Australia help that creativity?

Absolutely, because there’s nothing else to think about. A man left to his own devices has no choice but to think of things, you know. There’s nothing else, just you and your brain.