Check Out – Aaron Perko

Age: 22

Home: Santa Barbara, California

Sponsors: Venture Trucks, Low Clothing, Bones Swiss, Church of Skatan

First video you saw: Plan B, Virtual Reality.

Soundtrack of your life: Mobb Deep, The Infamous.

After-session ritual: Slurpee and chillin’.

Can’t live without it: Girls.

Visual inspiration: Hype, a demo or contest, whenever a lot of people are skating.

Best use for a computer:

Favorite skate spot: Love Park, Pulaski.

When I first met the “Perculator,” he was this little kid who would just skate all day and never put a shirt on. He’s from Carpenteria, California, just south of Santa Barbara. Carp is a little surf town with the worst wooden skatepark. Aaron was brought up in the flip-in/flip-out era, he can flip into any trick. Flip-in on rails, flip-out on ledges, you name it. He can also rip the tranny. All that park skating pays off. He’s a fun kid to hang with, too. If you see him, ask him about the time when he was eighteen in a little bar just outside of Houston. The ladies seem to think he’s so cute.-Joe Picciolo