Check Out: Andrew Brophy

Age: 20

Home: London, England/Margaret River, Western Australia

Sponsors: Cliche, DVS, Modus, Slam City Skates

Upcoming video part you can’t wait to see: No individual part, but the whole Lakai vid should be bulls-t!

Ams who should go pro this year: Chris Roberts.

Music that gets you hyped: Modest Mouse.

Dream sponsor: Private jets that travel the world nonstop.

TV show you can’t miss: The Simpsons.

Web site you visit most:

Last handrail you skated: Out of memory, it was a while ago.

Best excuse for the cops in order to get out of a ticket: Run like the wind!

If you were offered a free tattoo, what would you get: Nothing.

Best advice someone gave you about skating: Keep on keeping on.

Plans for the summer: Skate, party, and skate.

A man of a child is our boy Andrew Brophy-country bred and now wandering the undergrounds of London. All here in our little city of Perth are proud of the six-foot-plus ch-dult who flew the coop more than three years ago.

One day he was living on my couch in his happy bubble of a mind listening to The Streets over and over again, then all of a sudden he just got up and left. Not back home or to another friend’s place, but he was off to London where he is now residing on his brother’s couch.

I’m sure he’s moved on from that album and in the process has grown in his approach to life and skateboarding. Brophy is a man-child to watch out for.-Brett Margaritas