Check Out: Anthony Acosta

Age: 25

Home: Norwalk, California

First camera: Canon AT-1.

Last camera: Canon EOS 1D.

Favorite camera: Hasselblad 501.

Top three skate photographers: Brian Gaberman, Seu Trinh, Gabe Morford.

First photo in a skateboard mag: Danny Garcia’s switch ollie over a rail for a Royal ad.

Favorite person to shoot with: Danny Garcia-not afraid to bring the heat. Kyle Mitchell, too-always a good time shooting with him.

Favorite subject to shoot other than skateboarding: My familia.

The one skate photo that always sticks out in your mind: An old fisheye photo of Bobby Puleo doing a backside 180 switch frontside crooks on the low to high ledge at Flushing Park in Queens-hotness.

Still want to shoot a photo of: Julien Stranger.

What can I say about Anthony “Li’l Thurst” Acosta? I could tell you an embarrassing story of how, on his birthday, he got so intoxicated that he was walking around the club with no pants on, covered in lipstick, and trying to wrestle people. Or I could go the route of talking about how great he is on a skateboard and that he’s the first person I ever saw do a 540 flip. Or maybe even how tough he is, as I’ve seen him flip over a security guard twice his size because they wouldn’t let his friend get his credit card. But those are so clichà‡ (just like this intro). Instead I’ll just tell you that if you’re lucky enough to become friends with him, you’ll see that Anthony’s one of the best people to have on your side, even when he gets drunk and tries to dry hump you on the side streets of Hollywood.-Ali Vafi