Check Out: Anthony Schultz

Age: 16

Home: Oceanside, California

Sponsors: Adio, Planet Earth, Birdhouse, Asylum Skate Shop, Spitfire (flow).

Just call me: Tony?

Music to hype you for the session: Black Sabbath.

Music after the session: Notorious B.I.G.

Your Game Of SKATE secret weapon: Pop shove-it late shove-it.

Favorite styles: Dan Drehobl, Dylan Rieder, Adam Alfaro, Kenny Anderson, Tony Trujillo.

Last good video you watched: Free Your Mind.

Pet peeve: Unibrow.

Favorite pastime other than skating: Eating.

The hot skate spot: L.A. high ledge/banks.

Place to travel: S.F.

Watch out for them in ’06: Dyson Ramones, Danny Scher, Michael Prince, Jermaine Wright.

Anthony is from Minnesota and now resides in Oceanside, California. He is constantly on MySpace and enjoys bombing hills in his free time. Sarcasm is a must in every sentence, and he takes absolutely nothing seriously. He always has something to say about everything and eats all my food. He clogs my toilet every day and likes Adam Alfaro’s style. He’s been amazing on a skateboard since day one, and his progression never stops. With his introduction long overdue, ladies and gentleman… Anthony Schultz.-Lannie Rhoades