Check Out: Austyn Gillette

Age: 14

Home: Brea, California

Sponsors: Habitat (flow), DC Shoes (flow), Hawk Clothing, Venture trucks, Upful hardware, Liberty Boardshop, L beanies

Just call me: A.G.

Who hooked you up: Eric Bovet.

Best rock and roll band: Poison.

People you’re most often found skating with: Aaron B. and John Morse.

Newest trick learned: Ollie.

Best video to watch before skating: Vanilla Pie.

Session killer: Burned-out product.

Best meal you can cook: Oreos.

Could already be pro for: Setting up boards at Liberty.

If the world ended tomorrow, what would you do today: Try to f-k some fat bitches.

A.G. is smooth on his board with a very technical and natural style. He’s a cool guy with much respect for everyone. Every trip I go on with him, no matter which city, he always knows someone. Funnier than hell! This guy could make you cry with some of his high jinks he comes up with, and half the stuff that he has you laughing at, he’s not even trying to make you laugh yet. A.G. has figured out a lot in the past few years on how the game is played, and knowing that at a young age, with his skills, can take him far in this beautiful world of skateboarding. Holla, Brea!-Big Worm