Check Out: Ben Fisher

Age: 18
Hometown: Long Beach, California
Sponsors: Birdhouse (flow), Satori (flow), Thunder (flow), United Boardshop

Newest thing in the iPod: “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.”
Video you can’t wait to see: Fully Flared or maybe the Workshop video.
Name three ams you want to see in our Am Issue: The Case brothers, Ryan Kirk, B Price.
Last magazine photo you put up on your wall: Pappalardo for sure.
What will normal people never understand about skating: With the right amount of ass-kissing, any douchebag can come up in skateboarding-people amaze me.
Describe a near-death experience you’ve had: Vacation in Alaska and the tour guide wandered off-long story short, polar bears are some serious shit.
What do your parents think about skateboarding: They’re down, I guess-gotta love ’em.
Flatground trick you really want to learn: Pogo to primo.
If you could only do one ledge trick forever, what would it be: Switch back noseblunt.
Worst job you ever had: Zookeeper.
Nicest pro you’ve met: Mariano, Carroll-those guys in general.
Favorite place to eat: Crotch.

Ben’s skating reminds me of frisky little puppy dogs. Carefree and excited about every little obstacle that comes his way. Long story short, ever since I met him on an Alaskan cruise, he’s been driving me crazy with little stunts like bottling farts. There’s nothing I can say about him that hasn’t already been said about a wild midget-he’s funny…looking, sweats a lot, and is always looking for easier ways to do things.-Robin Williams