Check Out: Brad Herrera

Age: 19

Home: San Clemente, California

Sponsors: Darkstar Wood, Liberty Boardshop, Upful Hardware

Upcoming video part you can’t wait to see: Dylan Rieder, A Time To Shine.

Ams who should go pro this year: Tony Tave.

Music that gets you hyped: Anything with a good beat.

Dream sponsor: BMW.

TV show you can’t miss: South Park.

Web site you visit most: Wednesday Woes are the best!

Last handrail you skated: Um-Brea rail.

Best excuse for the cops in order to get out of a ticket: I usually always get tickets, but I say, “I won’t do it again.”

If you were offered a free tattoo, what would you get: I dunno. Maybe my last name or something weird.

Best advice someone gave you about skating: My dad told me when I started to be humble-don’t let it go to your head.

Plans for the summer: Live life!

In a day and age where the kids coming up are all thrills and no skills, Brad is definitely a standout. He has the thrills, but he also has the skills. Whether he’s jumping down El Toro or packing tech ledge lines, he is comfortable skating everything that comes his way, including a variety of tranny. His solid, powerful style is a pleasure to watch, and his determination and motivation are nothing less than inspiring. B-rad is always hyped, upbeat, and ready to charge. It’s only a matter of time until the skate world sees what I have witnessed over the past few years.-Chet Thomas