Check Out: Chima Ferguson

Age: 16

Home: Sydney, Australia

Sponsors: Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Volcom, Vans

Video part to throw on right before you go skate: Geoff Rowley, Chicagof.

Last supper/favorite meal: I like eating ice when it’s hot.

Nicest pro you’ve met: Peter Ramondetta.

Plan a concert with any three bands: David Bowie, Joy Division, New Order.

Gonz or Hensley?: The Gonz.

Backup plan if skating doesn’t work out: Be homeless.

Christmas wish list: Fun.

New Year’s resolution: Have Fun.

Chima got us all saying, “F-k you, mate.” He sent a tape in from Australia where he kickflipped 28 stairs or something like that. The first time I hung out with him he didn’t talk, and then the next trip, you couldn’t shut the motherf-ker up, but he was still ripping. He can do every trick, and he pops everything big. Is he the first black Australian to come out here? We’ve had Dollin and Mumford and all those guys. It’s time for the black Aussies to come up. He’s got a funny-ass Dave Chappelle/Tyrone Biggums impression. I wish you could get a portrait of him in his beanie with powdered-doughnut dust on his lips. Chima’s a perfectionist and Tyrone Biggums at the same time.-Ernie Torres