Check Out: Chris Trembley

Age: 25
Hometown: Raymond, New Hampshire
Sponsors: 5boro, Lakai (flow), Spitfire (flow), Thunder (flow), Identity

Newest thing in the iPod: MF Doom and Ghostface.
Video you can’t wait to see: Next Antihero video.
Name three ams you want to see in our Am Issue: Nick Dompierre, Brandon Westgate, Anthony Shetler.
Last magazine photo you put up on your wall: None, just drunk photos from the bar with the 5boro crew.
What will normal people never understand about skating: I don’t care.
Describe a near-death experience you’ve had: Trying to switch spots driving with Akers going 85 in the mountains of Vermont. That was a bad idea.
What do your parents think about skateboarding: They’re down for it, they’ve always been supportive.
Flatground trick you really want to learn: Tre flip.
If you could only do one ledge trick forever, what would it be: Back tails.
Worst job you ever had: Never had a bad one.
Nicest pro you’ve met: Aaron Suski, but not Ron Suki-that guy is a d-ck.
Favorite place to eat: Chili’s.
Um, what comes to mind when I hear the name Chris Trembley? First off, he’s from New Hampshire, so you can only imagine what type of small-town freakish piece of sh-t he is. When I first met him, I didn’t like him at all. I actually wrote, “I hate Chris Trembley” on my griptape. But now that I know him better, I still hate him. I have known him for many years, and I just can’t seem to get rid of him. I made the mistake of letting him sleep on my couch, but the best thing about Trembley has to be his five-dollar-a-day budget, which he spends on Ralph’s five-for-a-dollar burritos and Pabst Blue Ribbon. So please buy as many 5boro skateboards as possible so I can get this kid off my couch.-Anthony Shetler