Check Out: Danilo Rosario

Age: 17

Home: Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Sponsors: Expediton One, Oakley, Destructo, Connexion Wheels

Just call me: Danilo.

Who hooked you up: My family and all my friends: Carlos De Andrade, Adelmo Jr., Lucio Santos, Fabrizio Santos, Andre Genovesi, and Rodrigo TX.

Best rock and roll band: Garotos Podres.

People you’re most often found skating with: Carlos De Andrade, Lucio Santos, Fabrizio Santos, Andre Genovesi, Rodrigo

TX, Termite, Rodrigo Lima, Vitor, Adelmo Jr.

Newest trick learned: Nollie 360 flip.

Best video to watch before skating: Forecast.

Best meal you can cook: Spaghetti.

Could already be pro for: Maybe soccer.

If the world ended tomorrow, what would you do today: Skateboard until I die.

I can describe Danilo in one sentence, and you could too after spending a few minutes with him: All for the love of skate. That’s all that matters. I’d never heard of him, never saw him, but he came here to the U.S., knocking on my door, fearless, and with a passion for skateboarding and the desire to conquer his dream-to follow in the steps of many of his fellow Brazilian skateboarders. You’ll see more of him around.-Fabrizio Santos