Check Out: David Loy

Age: 14

Home: Santa Ana, California

Sponsors: Birdhouse, Emerica, Spitfire, Destructo, Hurley

Upcoming video part you can’t wait to see: Brian Sumner and Anthony Shetler.

Ams who should go pro this year: Jon Goemann, Dylan Rieder, Tony Tave.

Music that gets you hyped: 2pac.

Dream sponsor: Mercedes.

TV show you can’t miss: Flavor Of Love.

Web site you visit most:

Last handrail you skated: The one I broke my foot on.

Best excuse for the cops in order to get out of a ticket: I’m a kid.

If you were offered a free tattoo, what would you get: Nope.

Best advice someone gave you about skating: Grip it and rip it. Shred the gnar.

Plans for the summer: Go to Damn Am.

David’s one of those kids who’s going to do it because he wants to, not to be pro or be the best, but because he can. He lipslid El Toro with his mum and dad there, and he was barely a teenager. Where others only have this to offer, he has a lot more, plus it will be fun to watch him get his braces off and jump off more things! David’s a cool kid and has already set his goals, and they are skate, skate, skate! If you see him, maybe push him off his board or beat him at SKATE-he needs it.-Brian Sumner