Check Out: David Reyes

Age: 17
Home: Denver, Colorado
Sponsors: C1RCA, Foundation, 303 Boards, Bones

Favorite rapper: Nas
What you do when you’re not skating: Probably hanging out with my friends.
Favorite TransWorld cover: The one of Heath bluntsliding that hubba-that thing is insane.
Best thing about your hometown: All my really good friends live there, and my family of course. Also the spots and the parks are amazing.
Best way to start the day: Listen to a really good song. That always hypes me up.
Best way to end the day: Applebee’s half-price appetizers.
Favorite pro: Leo Romero
Craziest thing you’ve seen go down at a party: My friend Jari knock this fool out with some knucks.
Last video game you played: Some shooting game on PSP.
Last album you paid money for: Johnny Cash, 20 All-Time Super Hits.
Valentine’s Day plans: Haha, I wish I could say I had plans.
D. Way or Bob: Bob.

First off, the birthplace of this little gangsta is the Yonkers, New York, which makes young Diggler insta-hard! He’ll pretty much find the gnarliest spot to skate and throw down the toughest trick. Whether its mackin’ on tricks or rippin’, the young lad is pretty much the sickest dude hands down. Watch Boogie Nights to find out how Diggler became his nickname.-Tony Tave

Diggler comes from Call-a-rad-hoe! Good place to be. He goes on dates with hot li’l slags-lucky! He’s got a pentagram tattoo and lives with Angel. Oh yeah, and he rides for Foundation. The kid is all right! So all you dunnys better watch out!-Corey Duffel