Check Out: Derek Fukuhara

Age: 21
Hometown: Orange, California
Sponsors: Ezekiel Clothing, éS Footwear (flow), Venture, United Boardshop, Project Hardware.
Portable MP3 player of choice: my ‘Pod.
Newest artist in said player: Damian Marley.
Favorite tranny skater: Brian Brown.
Funniest movie: Bad Santa.
Fashion don’t: Paint-on pants.
Hardest TM: DJ Speed.
Skater you want to see more of: Guy Mariano and Lavar McBride.
Shout outs: DJ Speed, Listen family, Ears, Mikendo, and the Filmbots, Joey at Project, Aki, Jake 352, my homey Kevin.

I’ll give you the breakdown of why Derek causes me pain.
1) Derek is always trying to have fun when he skates. Doesn’t he know this is serious?
2) Derek has more stories then Roald Dahl. He keeps us fully entertained on car rides—idiot!
3) Derek attempts hard tricks and lands them. Isn’t heforgetting that this is only possible for pros?
Derek does have some great qualities:
1) Derek likes Betos in Utah, Jason Wakuzawa’s haircut from 1999, and parties in Ocala, Florida with Jake.
2) Derek lives in the O.C. Living there helps him get TV-fanatical girls.
3) Derek is also great to travel with because he lets me jump on his grenades when we meet girls.—Mikendo