Check Out: Erik Hamamoto

Age: 25
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Sponsors: Baker Cult Affiliate, Emerica (flow), Shake Junt, Independent, Brooklyn Projects, Active

Favorite rapper: Of all time-B.I.G. Right now-Jim Jones or anyone from Dipset.
What you do when you’re not skating: Party in Hollywood.
Favorite TransWorld cover: Andrew Reynolds, frontside flip the Silvergate fourteen.
Best thing about your hometown: Nightlife.
Best way to start the day: With a spliff and Starbucks.
Best way to end the day: Hooking up with a chick.
Favorite pro: Tom Penny.
Craziest thing you’ve seen go down at a party: Two of my buddies hooked up with a crackhead hooker.
Last video game you played: World Of Warcraft.
Last album you paid money for: DJ Mellow mixtape, 31 Degrees.
Valentine’s Day plans: Go to Vegas and get wasted.
D. Way or Bob: Danny Way.

I grew up skating with Erik and the Dirty Business crew in Vegas, and he’s always killed it. And not just on a skateboard, Erik just kills it in general. He’ll out-roll you, out-smoke you, and basically just out-crunk you-wake up the next day and drop hammers. He lives in Hollywood now, so you can catch him skatin’ the streets of L.A. with the Baker and the Shake Junt crew or at the hottest club sippin’ the best bubb. Holler at a player when you see him in the streets.-Braydon Szafranski