Check Out – George Newsholme

Age: 18

Hometown: Adelaide, South Australia

Sponsors: Element Wood, Thread, and Element Footwear, Nixon, Von Zipper Eyewear, Daily Grind Skateshop

Who hooked you up: Matt Maunder, Troy Bennett, and Jono from Red Herring.

Most anticipated new video: Andrew Walker’s video.

Newest trick learned: Backside 180 fakie five-0.

Favorite style: Nate Jones.

Last time you skated vert: I don’t think I’ve ever skated legitimate vert.

Favorite photographer: Dave Chami, Steve Gourlay, and RomeTorti.

Most important part of your setup: My actual board, the wooden part.

Words to live by: “Don’t worry about it.”

Boston George, as I call him, comes from England he says, but I say Tasmania. No matter where he’s from, he’s developed the shy-guy look. Now with that look, girls scanning the group of skaters always go for him. Sucks. Anyway, can’t say I’ve seen him get too wild on the town, but take him to a skate spot, and he’ll show you why skating is what we all love to do. Keep a lookout for Boston George.-Colty Bearz