Check Out: James Hardy

Age: 18
Hometown: Madison, Alabama
Sponsors: Real, Fallen, Spitfire, Thunder, Faith Skate Supply

Newest thing in the iPod: Tegan And Sara.
Video you can’t wait to see: Lakai video.
Name three ams you want to see in our Am Issue: Sean Malto, Angel Ramirez, Sheldon Meleshinski.
Last magazine photo you put up on your wall: An old Jamie Thomas C1RCA ad on a rail in Alabama.
What will normal people never understand about skating: It’s harder than it looks.
Describe a near-death experience you’ve had: One time in San Diego I fell down fourteen stairs straight to my head. I got knocked out and had convulsions. Mike Sinclair was there and told me that I should be dead.
What do your parents think about skateboarding: They’re down for it.
Flatground trick you really want to learn: Hardflips.
If you could only do one ledge trick forever, what would it be: Back tails.
Worst job you ever had: I’ve only had one and it wasn’t that bad.
Nicest pro you’ve met: Cairo Foster.
Favorite place to eat: Li’l Rosies.

James is a talent. We all know them-part of the next generation of kids who take to rails with fearless abandon. He’s the kind of kid that with some encouragement and a little prodding, you can get to do anything. He’s fun that way. And once he sets his mind to something, there aren’t enough kick-outs, comebacks, or broken boards to keep him from getting it. But just saying James is talented really doesn’t do him justice. James is more like the little brother I never had. He’s a great kid I enjoy being around. He doesn’t say much because he doesn’t have to, and at seventeen, he is more mature than most. In the world of annoying kids who think they’re owed something, you’ve got to love the ones who still have their heads on straight and will listen to those looking out for them.-Joel Dembowski