Check Out – Jeff “Blue” Wright

Age: 19

Home: Carlsbad, California

Sponsors: Ezekiel Clothing (flow), Tracker Trucks, Surfride Boardshop, Osiris (flow)

Who hooked you up: My homeys.

Most anticipated new video: First Love-Shiloh’s part.

Newest trick learned: Frontside late shove-it to frontside boardslide.

Favorite style: Stefan Janoski.

Last time you skated vert: Two months ago with Rob Lorifice. I suck.

Favorite photographer: Atiba Jefferson.

Most important part of your setup: Always ride Bones Super Swiss.

Words to live by: “Let me get one of those.”

From what I know of Blue, he rips. I’ve skated with him, and I’ve had a chance to see a bit of his footy. From what I’ve seen and know he is on his way to being recognized. So get ready for this kid on the come-up.-Tommy Sandoval

Blue is a nineteen-year-old powerhouse who will throw himself down anything. You can take this kid out skating with you and there is no doubt that he will rip the spot a new one. Blue is definitely heavy, so get use to his name, and watch out for him and the More-4-Less homeys-they’re coming up!-Tyler Adams-Hawkins