Check Out – Jimmy Carlin

Age: 20

Home: San Diego, California

Sponsors: Zoo York, etnies, Autobahn, Street Machine skate shop

Just call me: Jimbodeenee.

Music to hype you for the session: Strictly Del.

Music after the session: Slick Rick.

Your Game Of SKATE secret weapon: The Tang Twist 5000.

Favorite styles: Kellen James, Antwuan Dixon, Stefan Janoski, Zered Bassett.

Last good video you watched: First Love.

Pet peeve: Bubble gum from my shoe to my board.

Favorite pastime other than skating: Playing Sonic The Hedgehog for Sega Genesis. I have it still, but I can’t get it to work.

The hot skate spot: Carlsbad High.

Place to travel: Spain.

Watch out for them in ’06: Kellen James, Gabe Delamora, Larelle Grey.

Jimmy Carlin is definitely a breed of his own. In fact, he’s like that one laughing hyena who continues laughing way past the point of being funny, but then he’ll compensate for it with some crazy far-out rap lyric as he continually repeats the name of his alter ego self, DJ Dunce Cap. Also, to the best of my knowledge, George Carlin is not his dad, but when it comes to skating, he’s definitely one of the funniest people to watch. I guess, then, what I’m saying is we could all use a bit more Carlin in our everyday lives.-Dave Coyne