Check Out: Jimmy Lannon

Age: 25
Hometown: Sarasota, Florida
Sponsors: Element skateboards, Lakai shoes, Satori Movement,
Royal trucks, West Side Skate Shop

Favorite rapper: Pep Love.
What you do when you’re not skating: Chill with my wife and family.
Favorite TransWorld cover: One with a homey on it.
Best thing about your hometown: Nice beaches.
Best way to start the day: Water, wheatgrass, and stretching.
Best way to end the day: Burn one.
Favorite pro: Guy Mariano.
Craziest thing you’ve seen go down at a party: Three girls make out with each other.
Last video game you played: Geometry Wars.
Last album you paid money for: Jeru The Damaja, The Sun Rises In The East.
Valentine’s Day plans: Something special for the wife.
D. Way or Bob: Danny Way.

Jimmy Lannon’s the man, he’s the boy, and he’s the champ. As of six months ago, Jimmy was working an actual job and skating in his free time. Since then, Jimmy’s got married, is sponsored by Element, and came out with his bangin’ first part in Westside Skate Shop’s, third video The Good Life. He mannied down city blocks, hauled mad ass through the streets and nollie flipped his way to no job, traveling to Puerto Rico, Belgium, and all over this round globe of skate spots. He’s probably the most humble person you’ll ever meet-definitely the easiest person to deal with in this skateboard industry of ours. He’s simply the best, legit in every way, from his style to his swagger. When you see Jimmy in the streets, give him his props-believe me, he’ll be the first to show you yours.-John Montesi