Check Out: Jonathan Juarez

Age: 20

Hometown: Huntington Beach, California

Sponsors: Jack’s Garage Boardshop, Ambigous, Vans (flow), Destructo (flow)

Upcoming video part you can’t wait to see: Dylan Rieder-

the kid rips.

Ams who should go pro this year: Jon Goemann. That kid rips-too-good style.

Music that gets you hyped: The psychedelic era-some good stuff in those days.

Dream sponsor: Gas sponsor-I get over dropping money on gas.

TV show you can’t miss: I’m more into movies.

Web site you visit most:, for sure.

Last handrail you skated: Got sacked.

Best excuse for the cops in order to get out of a ticket: Just say I know the owner of Jack’s, then they know what’s up.

If you were offered a free tattoo, what would you get: Something I didn’t remember getting.

Best advice about skating someone gave you: Just have fun, and don’t think while you’re doing it.

Plans for the summer: Skate and go to the beach where all the

chicks are.

Jonathan is a natural-born ripper. I’ve been skating with this kid for quite a while, and he can rip anything. Jonathan’s got skills, but he’s still trying to pay the bills. I think all his scrillos go to alcohol. Everybody needs to watch out for this dude. He’ll cut you if he’s f-ked up enough, and especially if you cross into the HB park-stay clear. But besides booze and skating, he’s a cool-ass dude who loves skating and psychedelic music. He’s a true rippin’ hippie.-Dylan Rieder