Check Out: Josh Hawkins

Age: 20
Home: Glendale, Arizona
Sponsors: Powell, C1RCA (flow), Bones (flow), Ogio (flow), Pulse Boardshop

Trick you want to learn: Tuck knees.
Last time you skated vert: The other day.
Favorite author: Dan Brown is good.
Best non-skate mag: Juxtapoz.
Most important part of your setup: Ceramics.
Good advice you’ve been given: Skate for fun.
Ideal pizza: Everything on it.
Best hand gesture: The Dane Cook finger.
Funniest movie: Talladega Nights.
Skate spot you miss: I don’t dwell on the past.
Local shop that hooked you up: Pulse Boardshop

Josh is one of the major motivators on the team. I see him as having more of a leader mentality. He’s creative, talented, and has the eye for finding an obscure obstacle, deemed as unskateable by most, and shredding it in a way that leaves you dumbfounded, questioning how he thought of it. But he has the ability to make it his reality. He’s a true pioneer, and a down-ass homeboy of mine. And his new promo tape, holy f-k!-Jordan Hoffart