Check Out: Josh Walker

Age: 20

Home: Paramount, California

Sponsors: Chocolate (flow), à‡S (flow), Furnace, Hammer City

Video part to throw on right before you go skate: Rob Welsh from Aesthetics’ Ride Or Die.

Last supper/favorite meal: Mac and cheese, and Top Ramen.

Nicest pro you’ve met: Karl Watson.

Plan a concert with any three bands: Dip Set, Biggie Smalls, and Little Wayne.

Gonz or Hensley?: Gonz.

Backup plan if skating doesn’t work out: Take X-rays, since I’ve broke so many bones.

Christmas wish list: A computer, an iPod mini, and a new whip with some rims.

New Year’s resolution: Keep skating for Blacc Mike.

One of the first times I shot photos with Josh was over a year ago. He called me up and was super hyped to shoot a photo on the La Ca§ada High rail. Josh said he’d already done the trick he wanted to shoot, so I figured no problem, easy photo. We finally get it lit up, first attempt at a warm-up boardslide on the rail, his nose hooks up in the rail, he sacks the rail and then falls straight down the eleven stairs to his face with nothing breaking his fall. He ended up chipping his tooth and blacking out. All he kept saying was, “What happened? Where am I?” I find out a few days later that he was completely wasted and didn’t want to flake out on shooting the photo that night. I had no clue. What a sport, right? You may not recognize him without his Afro anymore, but you can still recognize his smooth style.-Joe Krolick