Check Out: Julian Davidson

Age: 13

Home: Long Beach, California

Sponsors: The Firm, Globe, Hawk Clothing, Ricta, Fury, Electric, Sun Diego Boardshops

Just call me: JuJu or Juls.

Music to hype you for the session: Biggy Smalls.

Music after the session: Joy Division.

Your Game Of SKATE secret weapon: Inward heels.

Favorite styles: Stefan Janoski, Antwuan Dixon, Marius Syvanen, Chad Tim Tim, and Kellen James.

Last good video you watched: Intox Three.

Pet peeve: Flatspotted wheels.

Favorite pastime other than skating: MySpace and AIM.

The hot skate spot: Belmont shore-ledges and nine stair.

Place to travel: Europe.

Watch out for them in ’06: Wes Kremer, Marius Syvanen, Kevin Romar, and Figgy.

Julian is a baby thug straight from the LBC, cuh. He seems like the most innocent four-foot-tall thirteen year old you’d ever meet, but if you make him mad, watch out or he’ll give you the LBC right hook from hell. On top of that, he has one of the best kickflips I’ve ever seen and more steez than should be possible for a kid. The best thing about Julian is he just wants to skate with his homeys and have fun. To sum it up, his skating is bangin’ like the bloods and crips, and he’s one of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet. So be on the lookout for the Juls in ’06, cause li’l homey is comin’ up.-Kyle Wilcox