Check Out: Justin Figueroa

Age: 15

Home: Orange County, California

Sponsors: Powell (flow), Fury Trucks (flow), Active Ride Shop

Who hooked you up: Deville.

Best rock and roll band: Blondie.

People you’re most often found skating with: Intox Crew.

Newest trick learned: Switch back tails.

Best video to watch before skating: Baker 3.

Session killer: Cocky people.

Best meal you can cook: Bagel Bites.

Could already be pro for: Sewing.

If the world ended tomorrow, what would you do today: Skate with the homeys.

Justin is the most enormous fifteen year old you’ll ever meet. He already skates rails nearing the 30-stair mark. He’s Napoleon Dynamite on a skateboard. He’s the man when it comes to hosting a slumber party. He never cusses-it doesn’t matter how broke he gets, he’ll just go, “Oh, shoot!” He’s loud, goofy, and refers to himself in the third person when he’s frustrated. He’s too nice-you can’t hate him.-Blair Alley