Check Out – Kelly Hart

Age: 20

Home: Laguna Hills, California

Sponsors: Expedition One, à‡S (flow), Gold Wheels, LRG, Laguna Surf N Sport, Venture Trucks

First video you saw: Girl, Mouse.

Soundtrack of your life: Stevie Wonder, Greatest Hits.

After-session ritual: Check my sidekick.

Can’t live without it: Skating.

Visual inspiration: Watching Chico Brenes skate.

Best use for a computer:

Favorite skate spot: The Macba.

Kelly Hart. Say that name a couple times, and you’ll never forget it. It has a lot of character. It works the same when you hang out with him-he has a lot of character, and you don’t forget it. His flatground is fun to just watch, because his tre flips are like flipping butter. Kelly has grown from a young buckenstein to an uncle buck over the last couple years. I think it did him a lot of good to get out of the OC and taste the life of Barcelona. He holds it down pretty hard in Laguna Hills. Shout outs to his dog Barkley, the pink skatepark, and Laguna SNS. Know about it!-Jackson Curtin