As seen in our February 2009 issue—here with bonus footage.

Kevin Radley

Age: 19
Home: Atlanta, Georgia
Sponsors: Creation (flow), Satori (flow), Elwood (flow), Stratosphere skate shop

My ideal skatepark must have a:
Water fountain.
New Year's resolution: No more grits (cigs).
Last movie you saw: Rockers.
Am who should be pro: Grant Taylor, Dan Plunkett.
Best video of 2008: Last Of The Mohicans.
Vacation destination: France.
Trick you want to learn: Impossibles.
Favorite meal: Pad thai gah dehm, hold the dehm.
Video that gets you ready to rip: The DTE LOC VHS tapes.
Road trip must-have: Gas.
Album you've been listening to: Aladdin Sane.
When I'm not skating, I'm: Phoning home.

What can I say about Kevin that hasn't been said about him? Kevin is a tornado of energy, hype, BBs, love, lotto, Coors—it seems he's on Adderall at all times, but that's how he is. He's down-to-earth, funny, and always the most exciting person at every session. You never know what's going to happen next. He's like a jack-in-the-box, you never know when he's going to explode into his next amazing episode of rad—K-Rad. Dude is the illest—DTE LOC, Justin Brock and David Clark

Photos: O’Meally