Check Out: Lyn-z Adams Hawkins

Lyn-z Adams Hawkins

Age: 16

Home: Cardiff-By-The-Sea, California

Sponsors: DC Shoes and Apparel, Nixon, K-Five Boardshop, Type-S Wheels, TSG

Video part to throw on right before you go skate:

Danny Way’s part in The DC Video.

Last supper/favorite meal: Caesar salad and Cold Stone ice cream.

Nicest pro you’ve met: I’ve met too many nice ones to pick only one.

Plan a concert with any three bands: Rolling Stones, Metallica, and Tom Petty.

Gonz or Hensley?: Dunno.

Backup plan if skating doesn’t work out: Snowboard, surf, or I want to be a chef.

Christmas wish list: I have such a good life that I don’t want/need anything for Christmas.

New Year’s resolution: Stay focused on school while I travel, so I can finish high school early and graduate before the end of 2006.

Me being a person who spends a lot of time at the skatepark, I notice that some kids advance quicker than others, and Lyn-z is one of these people. I remember seeing her at the skatepark when she was nine, one of the only little girls at the skatepark, always hanging out with the guys, always trying to do stuff. She skated like a guy, not afraid of things, always taking it on. I know she’s good at surfing and snowboarding, too. There’s been a crazy rat pack of kids coming out of the Encinitas YMCA: Shaun White, Rob Lorifice, Allen Young, Zack Miller, and Lyn-z. She’s going to be one of the girls who’s leading the future for skateboarding.-Kevin Staab