Check Out – Marius Syvanen

Age: 15

Home: Helsinki, Finland

Current residence: Del Mar, California

Sponsors: Hawk Clothing, Ricta Wheels, Fury Trucks, Osiris Shoes, Sun Diego

First setup: My uncle’s Gator board.

First hook-up: Utility Boardshop.

Favorite pros: Arto Saari, Jani Laitiala, Justin Strubing.

Best show you’ve seen: Warren Miller films.

All-time favorite vid: Modus Operandi, Mouse, Photosynthesis, Freedom Fries.

Tricks that don’t come easy: Frontside 360s.

Dream session: Guy Mariano at L.A. High.

Marius the lil’ Fin, he is my homey and a really good friend. He has a very good attitude-he can handle a good heckle and dish it out. He also has the ability to skate any terrain you put under his board. When it comes to style and steez, holla! This kid’s got mo’ flava than Baskin Robbins! Just a little more focus to finish his skate projects is all that is needed to complete his package. And I have faith that he can jump that hurdle to continue the pursuit of a career in this beautiful world of skateboarding. Any kids who see Marius in the streets, holla. He’ll holla back-he ain’t too cool. Word! Finland represent!-Bubba