Check Out: Massimo Cavedoni

Age: 21
Hometown: Irvine, California
Sponsors: Liberty Boardshop, DC (flow)

Newest thing in the iPod: Culture Club, “I’ll Tumble For Ya.”
Video you can’t wait to see: Lakai and Habitat.
Name three ams you want to see in our Am Issue: Alex Olson, Bobby Worrest, Raymond Molinar.
Last magazine photo you put up on your wall: Danny Renaud, Habitat ad-switch flip over rail into bank.
What will normal people never understand about skating: How cool it makes you look, kinda like smoking.
Describe a near-death experience you’ve had: The other day when I saw my dad naked.
What do your parents think about skateboarding: Hate it.
Flatground trick you really want to learn: Handplant.
If you could only do one ledge trick forever, what would it be: Back tails.
Worst job you ever had: Being a student is the worst of them all.
Nicest pro you’ve met: Creager or Daewon.
Favorite place to eat: Cavedoni household.

A long time ago I was in charge of the birthday-demo department at a skate shop, and young Massimo was my right-hand man. Rich O.C. parents would hire the team through the shop to bring ramps to their huge mansions and perform little demos for the birthday party. It was then I started to notice how good Massimo was getting. He was the star of almost every demo and always had the unruly kids chanting his name as he skated-the crowd loved him. That was many years ago and we both have moved on to bigger and better things, but I’m sure if the opportunity came up for another birthday demo, Massimo would be right there next to me blowing up balloons and kickflipping off jump ramps.-L Thurst