Check Out: Matt Price

Age: 18

Home: Mesa, Arizona

First camera: Some old 110 camera my grandma got me when I was nine.

Last camera: Canon EOS 1D.

Favorite camera: Hasselblad 500c.

Top three skate photographers: That’s tough, but probably Jon Humphries, Brian Gaberman, Scott Pommier.

First photo in a skateboard mag: It was a DVS ad for Marty Murawski in Slap a couple of months ago.

Favorite person to shoot with: Mainly all my good friends, but Lee Bender always comes up with some cool stuff to shoot.

Favorite subject to shoot other than skateboarding: I like to take pictures of my nieces and little kids in general.

The one skate photo that always sticks out in your mind: I’ve always loved that Humphries photo of Lance Mountain and Ray Barbee skating these fullpipes at the same time-everything about it is perfect. Also, I really like the photo that Gaberman shot of John Buchanan kickflipping into that huge bow and arrow in San Francisco.

Still want to shoot a photo of: Tons of stuff, but pretty much anything outside the country. I really want to travel and shoot photos of other places.

Matt Price is the buzz of the Internet. Known by many as “Kung-Flurry” when he’s logged into MySpace, he’s busy making other aspiring photographers weep with his skills behind the lens. Who would’ve thought that one busted flash and f3.5 could look so good? Matt has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. No longer is he shivering from behind the Rebel Ti ten feet away from the action with a fisheye lens. There’s no more need to pass off out-of-focus photos as art, and damnit, it’s going to be hard to sell him any more of my old, broken gear. Matt’s definitely come full circle. Sorry SBPers, it’s time to let him go and share his photos with the rest of the world.-Matt Mecaro