Check Out: Max Chilen

Age: 20
Home: Kansas City, Kansas
Sponsors: Toy Machine (flow), Adio (flow), Escapist,


Trick you want to learn: Buck knee.
Last time you skated vert: Arrowhead.
Favorite author: Ben Clumsky.
Best non-skate mag: TV.
Most important part of your setup: All of it.
Favorite interview you’ve seen in TransWorld: When Malto has one.
Good advice you’ve been given: “Every band puts out a pussy song to find out who the faggots are.”-Hubbs,
The Stoned Age.
Ideal pizza: Old style.
Best hand gesture: Flippin’ people off the right way.
Funniest movie: The Stoned Age.
Skate spot you miss: Slabb’s with Uncle Buck and
Local shop that hooked you up: Escapist.

To some it takes no time whatsoever to understand Max Chilen. He is to the naked eye quite simple, but at the same time he’s a complex person with a history of a reckless youth paralleled by alcoholism and raw talent. Max has been skateboarding for many years, and it shows most definitely when he actually tries. Most of the time his temper or indefinite love for American beer gets in the way of him accomplishing anything-it amazes me that he even attends college. His blurred childhood has made him a fairly bitter person who enjoys the art of sarcasm and exploiting others’ weaknesses. His personal ethos stems from such films as Fubar and The Stoned Age, which really just preach to have a good time. When people think about Max, I just want them to think about a good time, because some people throw a party, but ladies and gentlemen, Max is the party.-Noel Sinclair Boyt