Age: 16
Home: Simi Valley, California
Sponsors: Girl, Lakai, Matix, Diamond, Fillmore Wheels, Mob Grip, Ig Boardshop, Skatelab, and Royal Trucks.

Beverage of choice: Dr. Pepper.
Next am who should go pro: Wade Des Armo.
Worst injury: Broken wrist.
Goal in skateboarding: To start skating handrails.
First thing you’d buy if you won the lottery: Probably a really nice house.
Next country you want to visit: Spain.
Last pro you talked to: Guy Mariano.
Magazines you read besides skateboarding ones: I never read any other magazines.
How do you feel about contests: I’ve never skated a contest before. I’ve only done the à‡S Game Of SKATE. Other contests don’t really look too fun.
Inspiring video part: Any Daewon parts.
Web sites you visit daily:,,, and of course, just like everyone else, MySpace. I hate to say it.
Song that’s currently stuck in your head: I don’t listen to music much, but if I do, it’s probably Smashing Pumpkins.

Mike-Mo is like your average sixteen year old. He thinks the Dr. Pepper at Golf N’ Stuff tastes the best, chews a large pack of Juicy Fruit in an hour, text messages his girlfriend Rachel and brother Vince about 300 times a day-even while filming tricks-and he’s a little bit of a mess when he stays at Biebel’s. Mo as a skater, though, is very clean and mature. If you don’t know already, he goes big. The way he catches and lands separates him from most-all bolts, all fours. He spent his sixteenth birthday at Hollywood High where he got a cake smashed in his face. Then he switch flipped the twelve four times in a row with cake still all over his face. He’s also very tech. Whether it’s a never-been-done-before ledge trick, a hard line, or his signature regular and switch tre-flips, he does it all with ease. With a style that is solid and flawless, Mike-Mo is someone to check out.-Guy Mariano