Check Out Nick Palmquist

Age: 19

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Sponsors: The Firm, Ricta, Lakai, Volcom, Cal’s Pharmacy

Am Who Should Be Pro: Omar Salazar.

Best Rapper Of All Time: 2pac/Biggie.

An Album That Never Gets Old: X Raided, Psycho Active.

Celebrity To Spend A Day With: Joe Pesci.

Best Place To Crash/Couch Surf: The A.P.T.

Dream Trip: New Zealand.

If You Could Skate Like Any Pro: Andrew Reynolds.

Life Lesson Learned From Skateboarding: Don’t burn any bridges.

Kurt Hayashi told me about Nick Palmquist after hearing of my solicitations of finder’s fees out to anyone who found me the next “big guy.” I was posting up the signs with my staple gun downtown when Kurt called and said, “I have someone you might like to meet.”

After some moments of thought, I answered back, “When and where?”

He said, “Now and here.” And it’s been on ever since. Hayashi made out like a bandit on that one.-Remy Stratton