Check Out – Pat Burke

Age: 18

Home: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Sponsors: Zero (flow), WRV skate shop

First video you saw: Shorty’s, Fulfill The Dream.

Soundtrack of your life: I have no idea.

After-session ritual: Drop by a 7Eleven.

Can’t live without it: South Park and Cee-lo games.

Visual inspiration: Any video part of Geoff Rowley or Jon Allie.

Best use for a computer: Whackin’.

Favorite skate spot: NC State University.

While the Zero team was passing through Virginia several years ago, a kid came up to Jamie Thomas and asked him if he wanted to see his friend’s “sponsor me” video, adding, “He breaks his wrist at the end.” The kid breaking his wrist turned out to be a young Pat Burke. Since then, Pat has grown about a foot and has broken his wrists on film at least four more times. Arm casts have become about as much a part of him as his happy-go-lucky attitude and perma-smile. Pat’s coming to town again soon, and we can’t wait to see if he finally fits into those misshapen Levi’s he always wears.-Shigeo