Check Out: Pat Pasquale

Age: 19 years old
Home: LaGrange, Illinois
Sponsors: Affiliate, Supra (flow), KR3W (flow)

Favorite dead artist: This question’s sin.
Favorite part in A Time To Shine: Chad Tim Tim, switch crooks the top of Belmont-in a line!
Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Pete Eldridge.
After-session meal: Blunt.
Tricks that always look good: Penny’s switch frontside flips.
Best place to take a skate trip: Chicago.
Best thing about being am: Trips back and forth to Chicago.
Best black skater in the world: Keenan Milton, R.I.P.
Most prized possession: Family and friends.
Name a favorite album: Stop Snitchin’, Stop Lyin’.
TV show so good you’d tape/TiVo it: Sin!
Good advice someone gave you: “Don’t do drugs.”

According to Pat, when something is real jacked it’s considered a “sin,” and the person responsible for it is thought to be very “sinful.” I personally get such a kick out of this that I’ll only call him “The Sinner,” but let me say that I mean this in the best way, because I think the sinner is marvelous. I get psyched just to go skate with him, and I think he’s a good kid to hang around with. Coming straight out of Chicago by way of Seal Beach and postin’ up in the Baker Hollywood house, the kid will get it done. So check him out, the one and only “Sin-Sinner.”-Erik Ellington