Check Out – Rich Adler

Age: 23

Home: Philadelphia

Sponsors: Traffic Skateboards, Obey Clothing, Autobahn Wheels, I Path (flow)

First setup: Generic dragon board

First hook-up: Old Man Ambler

Favorite pros: Rick Oyola, Fred Gall, Bob Puleo, Ocean Howell

Current skate soundtrack: Baile Funk

All-time favorite vid: 411 #10 was off the hick

Tricks that don’t come easy: Fact of life

Dream session: LOVE park before the popularity and police.

Rich Adler is a highly quotable street enthusiast from the outskirts of Philadelphia. His skating is spontaneous, creative, and powerful. He possesses an amazingly unconventional sense of board control. Somehow, he manages to perform impossible maneuvers in a nonchalant manner. I’ve been skating with him for years and I still can’t comprehend some of the things he has done. Rich also has a penchant for new and overlooked spots, which always keeps his skating interesting. Other than skating, he enjoys the finer things in life: good music, good schmig, traveling, and holding down the Mole.-Jack Sabback