Check Out: Ron Deily

Age: 20
Home: Union Beach, New Jersey
Sponsors: Zoo York, Red Bull, NJ Skateshop, Vans (flow), Venture

Trick you want to learn: Hurricanes.
Last time you skated vert: Long, long time ago.
Favorite author: Dr. Seuss.
Best non-skate mag: Vice.
Most important part of your setup: Trucks.
Favorite interview you’ve seen in TransWorld: Fabrizio Santos.
Good advice you’ve been given: Wear a condom, sailor.
Ideal pizza: Sicilian.
Best hand gesture: Shocka, brudda.
Funniest movie: Kingpin.
Skate spot you miss: Skateboard City, R.I.P.
Local shop that hooked you up: Skateboard Shitty.

First time I saw Ron Deily at the Sayreville Skatepark, he annoyed me. He kept nollie heel backlipping the flatbar perfectly, over and over; I’m talking bolts every time. I finally said to him, “Hey, we get it. You can do that trick. Enough already.” He looked at me confused and said, “No, I think I can do it better.” That’s Ron in a nutshell: too good to know he’s any good at all. When we put him on the NJ Skateshop team, I put my hand on his shoulder like a father would and told him, “You might be a very talented skater, but you better not ever cut that hair. That’s all you got going for you.” And he hasn’t and look at him now-getting all big time. The strength is in the hair. -Chris Nieratko