Check Out: Sean Malto

Age: 16
Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas
Sponsors: Girl (flow), DC, Analog, Thunder, Spitfire, Bones Bearings, Escapist Skate Shop
Portable MP3 player of choice: iPod, fifteen gig.
Newest artist in said player: The Animals.
Favorite tranny skater: Dennis Busenitz.
Funniest movie: The Stoned Age.
Fashion don’t: Too many to choose from.
Hardest TM: Heath Brinkley.
Skater you want to see more of: Guy Mariano--his part in the Lakai video.
Shout outs: Bucky O’Connell, Ryan Lovell, Ben Clumsky.
Sean’s insane, he’s crazy, he’s got all the new tricks on lock. Anything you ask him to learn, he’ll get it down--nothing’s hard for that kid. He’s a little ripper from Kansas who grew up skating with his two brothers who ripped. I remember first seeing him like three or four years ago back in Kansas--he was real small. He’s the raddest sixteen year old you’ll ever meet. I always forget that he’s so young, because he’s so mature for his age. He’s a good friend, he’s got a great head on his shoulders, and he’s got the world coming to him.--Ernie Torres