Check Out: Sean Weikel

Age: 20
Home: Santa Ana, California
Sponsors: Foundation, Pig Wheels, Adio, Planet Earth, Focus Boardshop

Favorite rapper: Del Tha Funkee Homosapien.
What you do when you’re not skating: Get retarded.
Favorite TransWorld cover: Neil Blender’s stylish handout.
Best thing about your hometown: It’s twenty minutes away from Huckleberry’s world-famous sandwiches. It’s the greatest place on Earth.
Best way to start the day: Smoking.
Best way to end the day: Drinking.
Favorite pro: Don Nguyen.
Craziest thing you’ve seen go down at a party: A gnarly brawl went down in Santa Barbara between a group of my friends and some bros, because my friends thought it was a good idea to throw a lawn chair at the bros.
Last video game you played: I played Grand Theft Auto a couple months ago for about two seconds.
Last album you paid money for: Black Sabbath’s Past Lives and a Residents album. The Residents blow minds. They’re what acid would be if acid was a band.
Valentine’s Day plans: I’ll probably find myself alone in my room doing what people do when they’re alone in their room.
D. Way or Bob: Rune Glifberg, no questions about it.

I think Sean’s got issues! Major issues that he bottles up inside. He disguises it with skateboarding, so that’s why many can’t tell. And since Sean is running from many of his problems, he’ll skate anything or any spot you take him to! I think he thinks it’s easier than dealing with his demons. When he’s not skating, Sean’s heavily into his music. Instead of having his madness take over, he enjoys both playing music and listening to it. You can find Sean all over Southern California, from San Diego to L.A., Sean doesn’t mind the everyday struggle or the traffic. Good things seem to be working out for Sean with skateboarding, so maybe you’ll meet him while he’s passing through your town soon!-Dave Hoang