Check Out – Soichiro Nakajima

Age: 24

Home: Shonan, Japan

Sponsors: Element, Lakai, Murasaki Sports, Ninja, Lordz, Venture

First setup: Alien Workshop John Drake, Grind Kings.

First hook-up: Koshin Distribution (World Industries, DuFFS).

Favorite pros: Kareem Campbell.

Best show you’ve seen: Iitomo.

All-time favorite vid: Trilogy.

Tricks that don’t come easy: Switch stance backside flips.

Dream session: Josh Kalis, Kareem Campbell, Gino Iannucci, Andrew Reynolds, JB Gillet.

If you’ve been paying attention, you would know who Soichiro Nakajima is-straight from Japan, clean style and a different set of tricks from what you’re used to seeing. It’s easy being the big fish in a small pond as it would be for Soich to stay just skating in Japan.-Anthony Claravall

Thanks to all my sponsors, the Shonan crew, all my friends, my parents, Anthony, Joe Brook, Ewan, the Element crew, and skateboarding.-Soichiro