Check Out – Spiro Razis

Age: As old as you guess.

Home: Santiago, Chile

Sponsors: Element Skateboards, Billabong, Vans, Nixon, Red Bull, True Grit

First setup: Plastic banana skatebord.

First hook-up: This company from Argentina called Trash back in 1987.

Favorite pros: Gian Franco de Genaro.

Current skate soundtrack: All Caind, depends on the day.

All-time favorite vid: Hokus Pokus and Video Days.

Tricks that don’t come easy: All of them.

Dream session: With a lot of friends skating all day and then all night.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Spiro is speed. He’s one of the fastest skaters I’ve ever witnessed, no bullshit! We’ve known each other for about eighteen years and we took the most amazing trips together. We don’t really see each other that often but I always wish he was skating with me. He’s that one guy that makes you land the trick no matter what. Skating with him makes me feel like a kid again, just like when we skated together in Argentina. Aguante la bandita!-Diego Buchierri