Check Out – Steve Durante

Age: 19

Home: Villas, New Jersey

Sponsors: Alien Workshop, Independent, DC (flow)

Who hooked you up: Brian Wenning.

Most anticipated new video: The Habitat video.

Newest trick learned: Five-0s to fakie on tranny.

Favorite style: Kenny Anderson.

Last time you skated vert: I can’t remember.

Favorite photographer: Mike Blabac.

Most important part of your setup: My bushings.

Words to live by: I don’t live by any words.

A new kid always shows up out of nowhere, whether it be five or ten years after a person before him. And Steve just so happens to be that new guy. His sponsor tape is better than a lot of pros’ video parts. Not that many new kids nowadays have tricks that you’ve never seen done in their sponsor tapes-it’s usually all the normal tricks that we love and hate. Lines with switch heel front blunts is really all I need to say, that shit is serious.

Want a story? Okay, well, I’m going to tell you anyway. Me and Steve had a switch back tailslide contest at the famous Santa Monica Courthouse. Of course I had to show the young man who was boss. I think I landed 23 in a row, and he did nineteen. So what I’m tryin’ to say is that I vouch for this guy, not only because he’s good at skating, but because he’s cool on and off the board. He’s the type of guy you can just chill with and not even talk about skating, or you can play SKATE with him for hours. I’ll admit that the asshole beats me sometimes, and believe me, I wasn’t proud of that shit when it first happened. So I’m telling you that Steve Durante is the new guy from the East Coast, and he has what it takes. He would like to thank his family and, of course, his partners in crime, Jay and Shag. Adios.-Brian Wenning