Check Out – Sumio Date

Age: 20

Hometown: Vista, California

Sponsors: Ambiguous Clothing, DC Shoes (flow), Active

Who hooked you up: Jon Goemann, Jon Allie, Joey Shigeo, John Francis, Isaac at Active.

Most anticipated new video: C1RCA.

Newest trick learned: Flatground kickflips.

Favorite style: Geoff Rowley

Last time you skated vert: Never.

Favorite photographer: Shigeo and Blair.

Most important part of your setup: Trucks.

Words to live by: “No awkward vibe.”

Sumio has the biggest porn collection of all time. He thinks of women as possessions and collects girls on MySpace. He’ll be your best friend for three weeks then vanish for a month without saying a word. When he reappears, it’s like nothing ever happened and you’re best friends again.-Matt WinterbergSumio just called me at two in the morning and asked me if I wanted to skate. I’m like, “It’s two in the morning, call me tomorrow.” Then he never called back-typical. Since he never sleeps, he always wants to skate at the most random hours. He also has a gambling problem.-Jon Allie