Check Out: Tommy Fynn

Age: 18
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Lakai (Oz), Matix (Oz), Krux, Picture Wheels

Beverage of choice: O.J.
Next am who should go pro: Dennis Durrant.
Worst injury: Really bad broken ankle.
Goal in skateboarding: To keep having fun.
First thing you’d buy if you won the lottery: My own house.
Next country you want to visit: Africa.
Last pro you talked to: Alex Carolino.
Magazines you read besides skateboarding ones: Ozone, XXL.
How do you feel about contests: They’re fun.
Inspiring video part: Eric Koston, Chocolate Tour.
Web sites you visit daily:
Song that’s currently stuck in your head: “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy.”

Tommy Fynn, a.k.a. Carlton Banks, is a new up-and-coming ripper from over the water somewhere. He’s the kind of bloke who makes his tricks real quick ’cause he doesn’t want to get his clothes dirty. Watch out for him ’cause he will blast down big gaps, tear through gnar rails, and is a really cool lad to go skate with. Keep it up, Tommy. I got twenty squidly-didlies on this next try, mate.-Alex Moul