Check Out: Travis Howell

Age: 28

Home: Carlsbad, California by way of Houston, Texas

First camera: Nikon FE2.

Last camera: Canon Mark 2 and a Mamiya 7.

Favorite camera: Mamiya 7.

Top three skate photographers: Brian Gaberman, Jon Humphries, Mike O’Meally.

First photo in a skateboard mag: Phillip Vaughn jumping a gap in an ad for TransWorld Photo Annual 7-2001.

Favorite person to shoot with: Guru Khalsa.

Favorite subject to shoot other than skateboarding: Randomness.

The one skate photo that always sticks out in your mind: Geoff Rowley’s 50-50 on the Staples Center Hubba wearing a pair of canvas Vans.

Still want to shoot a photo of: More randomness.

The first time I came across Travis was in the form of a collision at a skatepark. I must’ve been eleven, and he was nineteen. It wasn’t until a few years later that I saw him again and noticed he was a photographer … or more like an aspiring photographer. He asked me to go skate street with him, and we’ve been really good friends since-almost like brothers. “Baby Nagel” isn’t just skilled with the camera, he’s actually fun to skate with, too. Anyone who lives in the Dirty South has T. Howell to thank for getting their shit in the mag.-Nate Broussard